Monday, April 25, 2011

Xbox Kinect Your Next TV Remote?

Possibly, but I think the smartphone as remote is more likely. In fact, it's already here:
Fios remote
Why Xbox Kinect could be -- but won't be -- the future of TV - CNN:
While the picture quality on your TV has evolved over the years, the way you interact with your TV is still stuck in the Stone Age. That is, the remote control and channel guide still need some serious innovation.

That's why we're so impressed with the growing selection of online video that's available on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and its motion-sensing Kinect interface.

Kinect could very well represent the future of how people watch TV: Zipping from channel to channel (or from app to app) without a remote control, using their hands and voice to control the experience.

1 comment:

Mark Viquesney said...

I really like the smart phone ability. Just seeing a picture of the logo for all of your favorite channels. This will take channel surfing to new heights.


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