Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A College Degree in Four Years

But is it still a Bachelor's degree? Interesting idea, but how many students could actually do this? Another concern I have is jobs - what do we gain by rushing kids through college if there are now jobs?

Ohio Universities Told To Develop 3-Year Degrees:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has ordered state universities to investigate ways for students to get a bachelor's degree in three years. The hope is that three-year degrees will help save students money and get them into the job market more quickly.

Kasich's proposal is one of a number of measures he is pushing to cut the cost of higher education, including a limit on tuition increases. The Republican governor also says faculty members should spend more of their time teaching. Matt Mayer of the Buckeye Institute, a free-market think tank, says a three-year degree would help make higher education more efficient.

"If we really kind of strip down higher ed and the four-year degree down to a really rigorous three-year process, for many kids that would be a great road to get their skills, get their knowledge base, graduate and then become productive members of society," Mayer says.

The idea is that students spend less time paying tuition and more time working. The challenge is doing that without watering down the degree. Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., has had a "Degree in 3" program since 2005. University Vice President Tom Taylor says the program appeals to highly motivated students who are willing to go to school year-round.

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