Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The iPad as an IT Suporrt Tool

Although I'm not sure why, IT departments have historically shunned Apple products in the enterprise. That seems to be changing, as employees "demand" access to iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets. Even IT support staff are getting into the act - using iPads to provide remote support.

Another interesting outcome of this shift is that the IT support/helpdesk job is becoming increasingly more challenging, as staff must support a much more heterogenous environment (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones - each with a variety of operating systems).

There will be great opportunities for students who can quickly master a variety of mobile device form factors and OSs.

The Mobile IT Super Hero is Here and She is Carrying an iPad:
we're in the age of a new IT worker who in most cases has to be knowledgeable about smartphones and tablets that people are bringing into work. It was hard enough to maintain a desktop PC environment, now the modern IT worker is expected to be an expert in every new platform that comes along.

Mobile is the future and the iPad is the symbol of that transformation. In the olden days, the IT worker controlled the environment. Today, the IT worker must adapt to a consumer driven world.

But the iPad is also serving as a vehicle for the IT worker to conduct what they do in a modern manner that keeps pace with any other iPad user. Apps are starting to emerge for IT. Today, VMware introduced a new iPad app, its second to launch this month.

VSphere Client for iPad is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store. It is a companion interface to the vSphere client. It is used to monitor and manage the performance of vSphere hosts and virtual machines. You can also start, stop and suspend virtual machines, reboot them or put them into maintenance mode.
This is full-immersion into the iPad experience for the IT worker. It means a woman can work at home. A Dad can work at home and manage the virtual network.

This is a good thing.

And it appears that IT is getting the message. Executives are demanding iPads. And it is not going to stop any time soon.

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