Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Android Fanboy’s Take on the iPad 2

Worth reading the whole post - an objective look at the iPad 2 versus an Android honeycomb tablet.
Uncut Android-An Android Fanboy’s Review of the Ipad 2 » Uncut Android:
They say there is a tablet war going on right now. I feel like it’s less of a war and more of a masacare… and not the kind where you like who the winner is.

I’m a rabid android fanboy. I love the os, the community, the roms, the developers, the apps , and even the kangers. The the level of choice and functionality that the little green robot brings to the table is incredible and it is hands down the greatest smartphone os in the universe.

I say all that even as I’m writing this article on an Ipad 2. Notice I said smartphone os…not tablet os. Believe me, I tried to like honeycomb… I really really wanted to, but after 30min of trying the buggy, unresponsive, and unrefined tablet os that Google pulled out of the oven far too soon, I decided to try out the “darkside” of tablet computing.

So after about 20 min or so of putting the Ipad2 through its paces I made a decision. I was going to buy the ipad.

So here I sit… listening to pandora, chatting with friends, responding to tweets, and writing this article with ease. It’s done what no other mobile device has, it’s replaced my desktop for general browsing and my tv for media viewing. The lack of flash may be a deal breaker for some of us, however, the addition of netflix more than makes up for it. I’ve gotten to cuddle up in bed with my wife for the last 3 nights and enjoy a movie or tv show. I’ve edited movies in 720p with my fingertips and shared fun educational experiences with my 3 year old son. Not once (aside from having to use itunes) have I regretted my purchase.

In closing, THIS is what a tablet should be and Apple has set the bar so high it’s almost laughable at the attempts to reach it.
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