Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on Personal Branding - From a Student!

Earlier I posted a link to some personal branding advice for students. The post focused on developing an online brand - in particular for job seekers. Jess Neill, a junior at the University of Georgia studying advertising, new media and English, makes a strong case for building your brand not only as you're preparing to graduate, but throughout your time as a student.
Personal Branding Blog:
Everyday in the classroom I see students who are good students, and that’s all they are. When they go to their professor to ask for a recommendation for this internship or that job, they’ll get a good recommendation. Good recommendations are a dime a dozen, and won’t hold up to competition. What you want is a spectacular recommendation. At then end of the course, you want to have formed a relationship with your professor, keeping in mind that every interaction you have is a chance to reinforce your personal brand.
I think this is really valuable advice, not only for students, but also for faculty. As faculty, how often do we consider our personal brand? Keep in mind Jess's words - Every interaction you have is a chance to reinforce your personal brand. What does it say to students when you seem bored with your own content? Or when you come into class unprepared? Or don't get work back to them on time? Here are some tips from Jess:

Your personal brand starts from day one. Show up to class. On time.

Participate, but don’t dominate. Professors can see straight through BS; they see enough of it. Every time you comment it should add something other than noise to the class discussion.

Talk to your professors outside of class. If the human part didn’t matter, the class would be a set of PowerPoints and textbooks.

Just keep your personal brand in mind at all times. What are the first words that you want to hear when they talk about you to someone else?

Be polite, friendly and enthusiastic.

By the way, Jess has been selected as a summer intern with marketing writer/guru Seth Godin. Sound's like it will be a blast!

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