Monday, May 26, 2008

It's The Networks, Stupid

The title today is a re-working of Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign mantra - "It's the economy, stupid." It comes from an interesting Op-Ed from Roger Cohen in the New York Times that details how Barack Obama's understanding of social networks - and Hilary Clinton's inability to grasp their importance - has been a critical factor in the race for the democratic primary.
The Obama Connection - Op-Ed -
It’s the networks, stupid.

More than any other factor, it has been Barack Obama’s grasp of the central place of Internet-driven social networking that has propelled his campaign for the Democratic nomination into a seemingly unassailable lead over Hillary Clinton. Her campaign has been so 20th-century. His has been of the century we’re in.

That’s not surprising. Obama spent only 10 years of his adult life in the split world of the cold war, double that in a post-Berlin Wall world of growing interconnectedness. MAC — mutually assured connectivity — has replaced the MAD — mutually assured destruction — of cold-war days.

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