Thursday, May 08, 2008

The iPhone Rx

June 29th 2007 - the day the original iPhone launched - was an historic day in the mobile phone industry and marks the birth of the mobile web. Around the same time this year - late June - we should see version 2.0 of the iPhone software, the iPhone apps store, and according to many pundits - a next-generation 3G iPhone.

We've already seen jailbroken iPhones and the proliferation of a wide variety of user-created applications - with no support from Apple! With the recent release of the Software Development Kit (SDK), the developer support from Apple, and impending iPhone apps store, I expect that we will witness an explosion of the mobile platform and free or low-cost applications. This article from provides a little glimpse of the possibilities - A Tech Rx for Doctors: The iPhone:
The arrival this June of an enterprise-friendly iPhone is exciting to more than just business users. Doctors, too, are eyeing Apple's handheld and wondering if it could kill off the old-fashioned clipboard and X-ray light box once and for all.

'If you could use the gesture-based way of manipulating images on the iPhone and actually manipulate a stack of X-rays or CT scans, that would be a huge selling point,' says Adam Flanders, director of informatics at Thomas Jefferson University and an expert in medical imaging.

To date, such a feature has remained a pipe dream due to most smartphones' inability to handle the sophisticated compression techniques used on large medical images. Also, most phones lack the requisite memory and image-processing capabilities.

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