Monday, May 12, 2008

Great Web 2.0 Presentation

I've been following Ed Yourdon's blog for quite awhile now. I first discovered Ed through his Web 2.0 presentation at Whether you're a Web 2.0 veteran, or brand new to Web 2.0, Ed's presentation is worth a look. It's full of information, links to additional resources, and is updated all the time - this is currently version 51. Even better is that Ed doesn't just talk the talk - he buys into the openness and collaboration of Web 2.0. You can get the slides in PDF format, from slideshare or on Google Docs. The Google Docs version is where things get interesting. If you request, you can become a collaborator on the Google Docs version and begin adding your own content - that's why you see the author as Ed Yourdon and collaborators worldwide!

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