Monday, May 26, 2008

Immersive Learning

Learning is not easy. In particular, it's very difficult to keep students engaged and interested. One approach that seems to work is immersive learning - where students are immersed in the learning environment, rather that in a traditional classroom. For instance, consider this earlier post on teaching history in a virtual world. Here's another great example from a professor at Michigan State University.
Wired Campus: New Online Video Game Teaches Students Chinese -
A professor at Michigan State University has created a free online video game to help students learn Chinese.

The multi-player role-playing game, Zon/New Chengo, allows users to choose Mandarin phrases to converse with other characters in the game about exchanging money, buying breakfast, and other activities visitors to China would experience.
To learn more, play the game for free, or watch a video demonstrating the game.

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