Monday, December 13, 2010

Teaching Our Students Entrepreneurship

More important now than ever ...
Young Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Jobs:
THE lesson may be that entrepreneurship can be a viable career path, not a renegade choice — especially since the promise of “Go to college, get good grades and then get a job,” isn’t working the way it once did. The new reality has forced a whole generation to redefine what a stable job is. 

“I’ve seen all these people go to Wall Street, and those were supposed to be the good jobs. Now they are out of work,” says Windsor Hanger, 22, who turned down a marketing position at Bloomingdale’s to work on, an online magazine. “It’s not a pure dichotomy anymore that entrepreneurship is risky and other jobs are safe, so why not do what I love?” 

Mr. Gerber argues that the tools to become an entrepreneur are more accessible than they’ve ever been. Thanks to the Internet, there are fewer upfront costs. A business owner can build a Web site, host conference calls, create slide presentations online through a browser, and host live meetings and Web seminars — all on a shoestring.


Norman Evans said...

Mike, I wholly endorse your point of view here. Where you are so innovative is that you (and I) understand that Entrepreneurship can be taught. It is not innate, there are techniques and it can be learned.

I'd love to send you a copy of my book which may enhance your class reading list - it's about entrepreneur behaviors. What destroys a company more than the adverse behaviour of the founder?

please get in touch.

Norman Evans

Mike Qaissaunee said...

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. I'm working with some colleagues to build a framework for teaching students to become social media-enabled entrepreneurs. Would love to connect with you and get your thoughts students, social media, and entrepreneurship.

Mike Qaissaunee


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