Monday, December 06, 2010

Apps and the Value of a Converged Device

While this post focuses on the iPhone, this is true of any smartphone with a vibrant app ecosystem.
23 devices my iPhone has replaced:
I started thinking about what a converged device the iPhone is and compiled this impressive list of devices I used to carry that are now replaced by my iPhone.  This is an unprecedented level of convergence if you ask me.  A quick informal tally shows that the iPhone is replacing $2700.00 dollars worth of equipment and several pounds worth of gear.

  1. Blackberry
  2. Phone
  3. iPod
  4. Nuvi GPS
  5. Sirius portable player
  6. RSA SecureID
  7. eBay/PayPal SecureID
  8. WiFI SIP phone
  9. PSP
  10. Nintendo DS
  11. Digital camera
  12. Flip Video Camera
  13. >WiFi signal locator
  14. Amazon Kindle
  15. Police Scanner
  16. Radio
  17. Travel Alarm Clock
  18. Portable TV
  19. Portable Voice Recorder
  20. Calculator
  21. Compass
  22. White noise machine
  23. USB Key

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