Monday, December 13, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Interesting review from Electronista.

Fairly favorable review overall, but strange dichotomy: Pro - Flash as a option; Con - Flash as an option. They give it 3 and a half out of 5 stars, but based on the review I don't think they're recommending anyone buy it.

With a retail price of $599 off-contract, the Galaxy Tab is $30 less than the comparable 16GB iPad, but we're not sure it's automatically a bargain. We’re really disappointed with the web browsing, Flash and video chat performance of the Tab and we’re still a little perplexed with the form factor of the device, especially since you pay only slightly less for what amounts to much less screen area. To really steal market share from Apple, the Galaxy Tab would need to have a larger screen, more dedicated apps, and keep its dual-camera setup all while maintaining or dropping its price point.

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WDOS-FM said...

Very true. I have some friends that have used it and don't really like it. iPad seems to be the winner on the market right now. I feel however, that Archos tablets will do really well once Android Gingerbread is released fully as it will have tablet support.


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