Friday, December 03, 2010

IT Salaries

Read more @ IT Salary: National Averages for 45 IT Jobs:
The following list of IT salaries illustrates some overall trends. An IT project manager with more than 7 years of experience earns (on average) in the $100k range, while that same pro with just 2-4 years under their belt pulls in about $70k. An IT staffer who works for a big outfit makes more than his small business counterpart (for instance, an Enterprise Infrastructure Manager makes $108k). IT security professionals are perennially in demand, so the $102k annual salary for IS Security Managers is no surprise. And thought leaders, the people who actually envision IT systems, do quite well, hence the $108k for Systems Architects. 
As for developers, their salary levels range wildly, from a newbie client server programmer, $54k, to an advanced Operating Systems Programmer, $105k. (Naturally location makes a big difference as well, with developers in big cities making far more).

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