Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Innovative Use of the iPad

21st century food bank?

iPads Help FareShare Rescue Good Food from Landfill

"Approximately 28,000 supermarkets worth of food goes to landfill every year in Victoria," suggests FareShare CEO Marcus Godinho. FareShare is a food rescue service in Melbourne, Australia, who were a joint winners of the 2010 Premier's Sustainability Awards. So far this year they've saved 468 tonnes of food that would've otherwise been sent to landfill. Then 3,000 volunteers have cooked 1,114,461 meals for the needy, and doing so FareShare has supported 130 charities.

As those impressive figures suggest, this is no ordinary do-gooder group, but a well-oiled, switched-on, dynamic organisation. Their recent adoption of Apple iPads to streamline operations further distances them from the quaint, fuddy duffy soup kitchens of old.

Harnessing Technology

Using an iPad application developed by staff and volunteers, IT Wire reports that FareShare is now able to alert the kitchen's chefs of what food ingredients have been collected in real time, increasing their capacity to prepare free nutritious meals for charities. IT Wire notes the app also reduces the charity's paper trail, improves monitoring and reporting, and increases efficiency.

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