Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Rise Of The Gentleman Hacker

The Rise Of The Gentleman Hacker:
Michael Arrington ran into
two entrepreneurs that have made a ton of money by selling their companies in the last couple of years. They’re both working on a slew of new projects, and the way they’re doing it is fascinating.

What does a person do after becoming fabulously wealthy?
But I’m hearing more and more about people who are simply setting up an office somewhere close to their multi-million dollar home in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, hiring a handful of hackers, and just building stuff to see what happens.

In many ways it’s analogous to the gentleman farmer – someone who farms, sorta, but doesn’t really worry about profit because they are independently wealthy.
I think it's more about just building stuff that interests them and if anything comes of it great, if not - no biggie.

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