Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Publishers - Adapt or Die

Another data point in the ongoing shift to e-books. Publishers need to figure this out quickly. If not, they'll be left with an old business model that is dead and a new business model that doesn't work. As for writers and content creators, what's the incentive to work with a publisher? The ease of digital publishing is going drive more and more writers away from traditional publishers - unless they can develop a compelling reason for them so stay. This could also serve as an opportunity for the formation of small digital publishing houses.

Suddenly, eBook Sales Are Huge

For huge publishing house Hachette, which publishes the Twilight series among others, ebook revenue is up in a big way – about 88% year over year.

It now accounts for approximately 22% of Hatchette's revenue in the United States and 5% in the United Kingdom, according to a release by Lagardere, the big French media conglomerate that owns Hachette.

For a big publisher, ebook revenue is now over 20% of revenue. That's a huge milestone.

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