Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kids Don't Want Kindles - They Want iPads

A nice companion piece to my post Students Not So Hot on Kindle, where I pointed out:
A stunning 60% stopped using the devices. Maybe a more generic devices - like a tablet - would be more integrated into their lives than a single purpose Kindle. That could be an iPad, an android tablet or even the Nook e-reader or rumored Amazon tablet.
Shocker! College kids like having iPads in the classroom:
E-readers may not be good enough for Princeton's hallowed halls, but students and professors at Oklahoma State University seem to have fallen head over heels for their iPads. Last fall, the school introduced the tablets in a handful of lecture halls and classrooms, as part of its iPad Pilot Program. Teachers involved in the study said they benefited from all the educational software available on Apple's App Store, while students appreciated not having to spend their life savings on traditional textbooks. At the end of the pilot program, a full 75-percent of collegians said the iPad "greatly enhanced" their classroom experience
Opinion was noticeably more divided, however, on the device's value as an e-reader. Some enjoyed having all their books in one place, whereas others were a bit disappointed with the experience, saying they didn't use it to read as often as they expected to.

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