Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moore's Law Smashed?

Intel details their upcoming processors.

Intel reveals skinny Ivy Bridge 'Ultrabooks,' Moore's Law-defying Atoms
reduced power consumption and sleek designs in 2012.

[a] new class of PC, dubbed "Ultrabooks," will make up 40-percent of the market by the end of 2012. These machines, powered by the 22nm Ivy Bridge, will be less than 0.8-inches thick and start at under $1,000

going forward, the Atom line [will] be getting a die shrink every year, as opposed to every two. The upcoming, 32nm Cedar Trail will usher in the new Moore's Law-smashing era with promises of a 10 hour battery life and weeks of standby, and will be succeeded by 22nm and 14nm models.

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