Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Learning Pashto? There's An iPad For That

We need more apps like this in higher ed. Available in early May.

No Signal in Afghanistan? University's iPad Language App Will Still Work:
U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan frequently have trouble talking with local residents, who speak Pashto, which has 44 letters and its own unique calligraphy. Now there’s a free iPad app that provides a tutorial, and it will work even in remote areas because the entire program resides on the tablet computer.


Users can watch and listen to video recordings of Pashto speakers pronouncing each letter. It also has animations of Pashto calligraphy. Users can practice by tracing the letters on the screen, using a finger as a stylus. Difficulty writing with a finger has been acontinuing criticism of the iPad, but Mr. Karimov says his group has tested the app with students, who all seemed to find it easy to use.

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