Monday, May 02, 2011

An Era of Broadband Caps

Very sad that in an era of user generated content, online video, smartphones, tablets, 3G and 4G speeds the carriers - both mobile and fixed - are moving toward data caps. This time in history - more than any other period - requires unlimited data caps. Unfortunately, it seems that either:
  1. the carrier networks are choking on the increased traffic,
  2. the carriers are unsatisfied with the flat revenue from unlimited plans, or
  3. a combination of 1 and 2
Shed a Tear: The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday:
AT&T will begin restricting more than 16 million broadband users based on the amount of data they use in a month. The No. 2 carrier's entry into the broadband-cap club means that a majority of U.S. broadband users will now be subject to limits on how much they can do online or risk extra charges as ugly as video store late fees. AT&T's new limits - 150 GB for DSL subscribers and 250 GB for UVerse users (a mix of fiber and DSL) - come as users are increasingly turning to online video such as Hulu and Netflix on-demand streaming service instead of paying for cable. With the change, AT&T joins Comcast and numerous small ISPs in putting a price on a fixed amount of internet usage. It's a complete abandonment of the unlimited plans which turned the internet into a global behemoth

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