Monday, November 14, 2011

PCMag's Kindle Fire Review


Sascha Segan likes the Kindle Fire - calling it a first-rate tablet - in spite of the sometimes sluggish interface, no cellular or bluetooth, no user-replaceable battery, limited storage, no way to connect to a TV, etc. I guess the bar for an Android tablet is very low. The biggest selling point is the price - half of what most competitors charge. Amazon is banking on the razor-razor blade strategy - sell you the razor at cost or at a loss and make money on the blades (in this case the audio, video, books, and apps Amazon sells).

Amazon Kindle Fire Review & Rating:

The Amazon Kindle Fire puts the Apple iPad on notice. The Fire is the first small tablet that average users can pick up and immediately use, with a simple, clear interface. Then there's the price: Android along with amazing specs for just $199. It's open enough to attract geeks, too. While the user interface occasionally gets sluggish, we're willing to have a bit of patience to get a first-rate tablet for half of what most competitors charge, thus the Kindle Fire is our first Editors' Choice for small tablets.

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