Friday, November 25, 2011

The Kindle Fire and Education

Audrey Watters considers The Kindle Fire As Educational Tablet?:

The initial reviews for the new Kindle Fire have been fairly lukewarm, many tech punditspronouncing that the new Amazon tablet will be no iPad killer. That may well be true, although there is already speculation about which device will be hotter this holiday season.

But just how hot will the Kindle Fire be in education?


The Kindle Fire, unlike the iPad however, really doesn't seem to be targeting any aspect of the educational market. There's no educational app category, for starters, and I really doubt we'll see the sort of edu-focused advertising campaign for the Kindle Fire like we did with Apple's "Learn" ad. There's no Inkling app, no Kno app, no Coursesmart app -- not really a surprise as these are all e-textbook apps as well as e-bookstores.

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