Friday, November 04, 2011

Thailand Floods and Technology

Nick Bilton on the impact of the recent floods in Thailand.

Thailand Floods Could Affect Cloud Computing:

Thailandis under water, and as a result, some Internet companies could be facing problems.

Flooding in the country has now shuttered more than 1,000 factories — some of which make computer hard drives. The government has warned that waters could continue to rise until the end of the year. When the rains do finally stop, it is estimated that factories could take months to clean up computer equipment damaged by floods and to re-calibrated tooling.

The impact on PC makers has been widely discussed. The cost of hard drives is expected to rise as makers scramble to secure supply. But it could have a wider impact on every company that stores data in the cloud. Facebook, Google,Microsoft and Amazon all of depend on storage devices in data centers. The same is true of the thousands of companies that stream music or store music. Apple, for example, recently introduced iCloud, its online storage software that can back up music, photos and documents online. As demand for those services rise, they need more storage, which will be hard to come by in the coming months.

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