Friday, December 05, 2008

More Data Theft - Yikes!

Yet another case of data loss or theft. Seems like you write a book on the subject. Social security numbers and test scores on a disk in the principals car. At least school is taking some steps to protect the credit ratings of the affected students. Student Information Taken in Disk Theft : November 2008
The theft of a computer disk with student information has caused embarrassment and expense for a school district in Tennessee. According to coverage in The Jackson Sun, the disk containing the social security numbers and test scores for a school's 2007-2008 sixth graders was taken from the car of an elementary school principal in the Jackson-Madison County School System.

The district will pay service firm National ID Recovery $3,000 to monitor the personal information of more about 200 students for a year. The district has no evidence that information on the disk has been used. The company provides software and services related to protecting against and managing problems related to identity theft.
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