Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time for a College CPO?

With the rising number of data losses and security breaches at colleges and universities, it really surprising that we don't do more to protect our valuable data. Is it time for your college to hire a Chief Privacy Officer? Many schools already have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or equivalent, but with the increasingly complex minefield of security, compliance and privacy, and CIOs already bogged down with issues of infrastructure, computer rollouts, and application deployment, maybe it's time to bring in a CPO. A Wealth of Data, and Nobody in Charge
... colleges capture a slew of highly sensitive information on everyone on campus. And while chief privacy officer has become a recognized title in the corporate world, higher education seems slow to pick up on the trend — a reluctance that could represent either head-in-the-sand thinking or fiscally prudent avoidance of bureaucratic bloat.

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