Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whole Lotta Breaches Goin' On

Yet another case of data loss or theft - this time at a Dental School. This data breach is unique, because it involves so many records. You can track college and university security breaches at ESI - Educational Security Incidents. Interestingly, although Higher Education accounts for 79% of all education-related breaches and 78% of all compromised consumer profiles in the Education sector, the Education sector as a whole only accounts for about one-third of all reported breaches. Wired Campus: Data on More Than 330,000 Patients Exposed at U. of Florida's Dental School
A hacked server at the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry has exposed data on more than 330,000 current and former patients there. They were informed of the breach last week.

The data included Social Security numbers and dental procedure information for patients dating back to 1990. “There is no evidence that the intruder viewed or downloaded any of this information,” according to the university’s statement about the incident. “However, it is a possibility the data was obtained.”

No credit card or banking information was divulged, according to the university. The F.B.I. and campus police department are investigating when the hacker gained access to the server and how.

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