Saturday, November 22, 2008

Do Your Students Use E-Mail?

Many students don't use e-mail. If they do, it's for communication with older people and figures of authority. Boston College is using this trend to do away with student e-mail accounts. Is this a trend that will continue? I think so, what about you? Wired Campus: Boston College Will Stop Offering New Students E-Mail Accounts
Many students don’t even want a college e-mail address these days because they already have well-established digital identities before they arrive on campus. That’s the conclusion that officials at Boston College came to in a recent review of their online services. So the college recently decided to stop offering full e-mail accounts to incoming students starting next fall.

Instead of a standard college e-mail account, next year’s freshmen will be offered an e-mail-forwarding service that will pass along messages to whatever personal e-mail account a student specifies


annb said...

Yes, it's true, email is for old people. Well, it's true if my teenage boys, their friends, and the college students I interact with on a daily basis are a valid focus group. Texting, facebook, video chatting and just plain 'ol calling them get me much more immediate results than emails. In fact, for both my boys and my lab assistant, when I do feel compelled to email them something, I have learned I need to either txt or call them to prompt them to check their email.

Mike Qaissaunee said...

Thanks Ann - I find that many colleges are just getting a handle on email and no where near ready to interact with this new generation of students.


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