Saturday, November 01, 2008

Interstitial Tasking: MSOffice on the Go

I've used Documents To Go on Palm handhelds - like the Treo; it's a great application. The ability to edit MSOffice documents on the iPhone would be great addition! You're not going to write a 15-page NSF proposal on the iPhone - although I did on the Treo. Imagine, instead, the ability to recieve a 2-page or even 15-page document while out of the office, review it, make a couple minor changes and send forward. No longer do you have to reply - "I'll look at it when I get to a PC and ge back to you." I call it interstitial tasking - the ability to get work done in those little pockets of time - the interstitial spaces - between our daily activities. For me, it's waiting for a plane, waiting to pick up my daughter at dance, during TV commercials, and even in meetings and presentations.

This would make native ability to "cut and paste" on the iPhone - currently not possible - even more critical/desirable. Microsoft Document Editor Coming To The iPhone - ReadWriteWeb
DataViz, makers of Documents To Go, a Microsoft Office editor app for mobile devices, has confirmed that they are developing an application for the iPhone. The application would allow for editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your iPhone, or, presumably, your iPod Touch. According to a company representative, the application will likely be available in early 2009.

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