Sunday, November 23, 2008

Does Your College Have a YouTube Channel?

This is a really brilliant use of YouTube by CSU. If your college isn't leveraging free resources like this you're probably at a competitive disadvantage. This is also a great opportunity to involve students from a variety of disciplines in building similar videos. Imagine students from art, communications, marketing, computer science - really any discipine - woking in teams to create 30-second marketing videos. Your college could even make it into a student competition, with campus recognition and college store gift certificates for the winning team. Here are the two 30-second videos - Attention High School Seniors!! and Time is Running Out - from CSU. Click here to watch more videos from CSU or subscribe to their YoyTube channel.

Wired Campus: YouTube Videos Warns Cal State U. Applicants That 'Time Is Running Out'
Application deadlines at many of the California State University’s 23 campuses have traditionally been loose. Students could apply in the fall, spring, and summer without fear of the campuses filling up.

But those days are over. If students don’t apply by November 30, they may not get in, Cal State officials warn in two new videos on YouTube.


Officials turned to YouTube as they scramble to get the word out to high-school seniors and to community-college students hoping to transfer. Cal State officials posted links to the videos on university Web sites and also asked communities, churches, and students to post the videos on their personal Web pages.

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