Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kindle 2

TechCrunch has an update on the next version of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. From the leaked images, I'm happy to see a sleeker, less angular device and that they've addressed some of the button issues. Also interesting to see that they will be launching a student version - really important to get into the lucrative textbook market. Will be interesting to see how the student version differs or improves on the existing Kindle. Amazon Kindle 2 Slated For “Early Q1″
Update on the Kindle 2: It was scheduled to be released in October in time for this holiday season, but Bezos himself reportedly pulled the plug for last minute changes to the software. Our sources now say it’s tentatively scheduled to go on sale in “early next quarter.”

The images that surfaced of the new Kindle in October are real - it’s a longer device but not as thick as the original Kindle, and fixes some of the button issues that plague users (like accidental page turns). A larger-screen student version is still scheduled for the first half of 2009.

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