Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One More iPhone Trick

On the way home from dance, I performed my last iPhone trick of the day.

A Nickelback song was playing on the radio and my daughter said "I really like that song - what's it called?" The song had just ended, I didn't know the name and the DJ had nothing to say.

So I pulled out my trusty iPhone and launched the free app Midomi. Midomi lets you sing, hum, talk, type or record part of a song and then finds the song. I sang - yes, it's true - a part of the chorus of the song we just heard. Midomi recommends at least 10 seconds - I did less than that - anymore would be tourture. 
The first result I got was the Nickelback song "Gotta Be Somebody" - jackpot! From there, Midomi lets you go watch YouTube video of the song, buy it from iTunes, bookmark it, share it and even learn more about the artist or album.


Gordon F Snyder Jr said...

These last two posts are excellent Mike!

Gordon F Snyder Jr said...

Oh yes - you now must sing at our winter conference in a couple of weeks. Practice up and keep writing this great stuff!


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