Wednesday, January 16, 2008

iTransmogrify! Flash-Workaround for the iPhone

One of the questions I get asked most often about the iPhone is "Can I View Flash Content?" Unfortunately, the browser on the iPhone does not - yet - support flash. Although this limitation has not really been problematic for me, there are websites that have video, audio and other content embedded as flash.

Joe Maller at - you guessed it - has written a really useful bookmarklet for the iPhone web browser. A bookmarklet gets saved in a browser like a bookmark, but instead of opening a new page, a bookmarklet runs a script on the page you're currently viewing. To use a bookmarklet, you save it in your bookmarks bar, and then sync to the iPhone. Here's a quote from Joe about iTransmogrify!
iTransmogrify! is a bookmarklet for iPhone which transforms embedded Flash content into direct links to natively supported formats. That means YouTube videos and MP3s can now be played from the iPhone’s Safari web browser with just a few clicks.
Let's look at iTransmogrify! in action. Here is flash content on this blog - two YouTube videos. Notice we get icons signifying a missing plugin:

Here is the bookmarklet -

Here's the site after iTransmogification

And finally, here's the content in the iPhone's YouTube viewer:
You can get more bookmarklets for the iPhone here and here.

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