Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visual Thinking - Connecting the Dots

Having taught at a community college for nearly 12 years, I've come to realize the power of visual thinking. Traditional lectures and even well-done PowerPoint presentations have their place and aren't going away anytime soon, but nothing engages a student as quickly as a good visual aid. I would suspect that the majority of my students are visual thinkers and connect the dots better when they're able to "see" the dots. GOOD Magazine produces transparencies that provide visual explanation on a wide variety of topics. Recent transparencies, discuss:
  • Capital Cities,
  • All About Stem Cells,
  • Marches on Washington,
  • Country-by-country Abortion Laws,
  • How Our Mail Gets to Us, and
  • Vampire Energy.
Here's part of a transparency explaining stem cells - really well-done - click the image below to see the entire document.

In a great post - Thinking Visually - David Armano explains -
In a digital age of complexity—I forsee visual thinking as playing a key role in business—an effective way to get people to understand complex problems and begin working on solving them. I view visual thinking as a tool. A versatile tool that could fall under the catagory of design thinking.
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