Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pocket Protector Projector

From the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show: Microvision demoed a "pico" projector. This tiny piece of electronics can be embedded in just about any type of device from cell phone, to PDA, to laptop. I think video is a killer application in education and training. Imagine not having to lug around even a portable projector and being able to deliver a video to a small group anywhere, anytime. Really opens up all sorts of possibilities for mobile or m-learning.

Video and potential applications follow.


Mark Viquesney said...

I don't know whether I want to drool, just say that it is very cool, or what. I see a lot of possibilities. Depending on how big the screen can get, who needs to buy a flat panel TV or monitor! That makes me want one now!

Karl Kapp said...

Nice find, I want one of these devices. Very good stuff.



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