Saturday, January 05, 2008

Google Docs Updated

Google Docs just added new features to their recently released presentations app. The key feature is the ability to embed Google Docs presentations in your webpage or blog. Here's a sample:

To embed a presentation:
1. Click on the "Publish" tab on the far right
2. Publish the presentation to let people view your embedded presentation
3. Copy the code that appears
4. Paste the code anywhere to share it to the world! (in a blog, website, etc.)
This is a feature that's been available from slideshare since their slideshow-sharing service began. Read previous slideshare posts.

Other new features include the ability to import individual slides from other presentations (google docs or powerpoint) into an existing presentation, drag and drop image insertion, improved slide sorting, and easier modification of themes and backgrounds. Read more at the Official Docs Blog or view this embedded presentation.

What's really exciting is that Google has declared that "2008 is going to be a feature packed year for Google Docs." I cant wait!

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