Monday, April 13, 2009

Writing in a Digital Age

This is a discussion that is just beginning on our campus.
Educators using technology to improve writing
As middle and high school students finished their state-required writing exams this week, a new report outlined the need to change how writing is taught in schools.

The report, titled 'Writing Between the Lines -- and Everywhere Else,' released Wednesday, is the third installment from the National Council for Teachers of English that looks at how schools can promote literacy in the fast-paced online culture.

The idea is that students spend more time writing outside class on computers and cellphones and that teachers should tap that interest and find ways to merge the two rather than focusing on research papers, essays, journal or letter writing.

'So much of it [students' online writing] is so shallow and repetitious,' said Sandy Hayes, past chairwoman of the council's middle-level section and a 36-year teaching veteran.

'It is that dilemma of how do we bridge the gap between quick, shallow writing and thoughtful, based-on-information writing.'

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