Thursday, April 02, 2009

Harvard Goes Paperless - Sort of

I've never understood why so many schools are still printing all of this stuff. When I brought this up at my school, I was told "we have a print catalog because students want it. When we get new catalogs, students come and take them, so they must want them." Very circular reasoning - the students have no other option, except a very static online PDF version. It's 2009 folks - you don't have to Harvard to figure this out!

Wired Campus: Harvard Goes Web-Only With Course Catalog, Handbooks
Harvard University plans to stop printing its course catalogs, faculty and student handbooks, and the Q Guide—which publishes the results of each year’s course evaluations—after this semester, The Harvard Crimson reports. Starting in the fall, these guides will be published exclusively on the Web.

The move will save ‘tens of thousands of dollars,’ according to The Crimson. Officials say it is also a practical decision that the university had been considering for several years before the recession prompted general belt-tightening. The course catalog, after all, ‘is significantly out-of-date before the first copy rolls off the presses,’ according to Barry Kane, registrar of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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