Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changes to Kindle Document Handling

When Gordon Snyder and I present on present on the Kindle and the iPhone, one of the biggest features Gordon highlights is the ability to wirelessly send and receive document on the Kindle. In the past, you could email yourself a document and receive on the Kindle for only 10 cents per document. I can still hear Gordon saying doesn't matter how many pages or what size the document is - only 10 cents per document. While this announcement from Amazon adds "RTF" and "DOCX" files to the list of supported file types, the pricing structure has changed significantly - 15 cents per megabyte. I'll have to do a quick computation to see what this would have cost me.

Amazon Kindle's Blog: Kindle Personal Documents Permalink
For anyone who has recently sent personal documents to your Kindle, we'd like to let you know about some updates to our Personal Document Service (via Whispernet).
Starting May 4, in addition to the existing list of supported file types (DOC, HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TXT, AZW, MOBI, PRC), you can send RTF files to your Kindle email address for convenient wireless delivery. In addition to the existing experimental support of PDF, you can also send DOCX files for conversion. Some complex PDF and DOCX files might not format correctly on your Kindle.

We have also modified the fee associated with sending personal documents wirelessly to your Kindle. This fee is now based on the size of your file. The fee for Personal Document Service (via Whispernet) is 15 cents per megabyte rounded up to the next whole megabyte.

If you would like to download your personal documents for free, or if you are not in a wireless area, you can continue to send attachments to 'name' to be converted. These documents will be e-mailed to your computer at the e-mail address associated with your account login.

As always, you can also use our free document conversion service for any document you want to transfer over USB, and you will not be charged.

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