Thursday, April 02, 2009

AppleInsider | Stanford to publish free iPhone course on iTunes U

If you're interested in programming for the iPhone, this is a very cool development!AppleInsider | Stanford to publish free iPhone course on iTunes U
Stanford University will be publishing a video podcasts and slides from its popular 'iPhone Application Programming' course on iTunes U for free to the general public, beginning this week.

'There's a lot of interest in the iPhone,' said Brent Izutsu, Stanford's project manager for Stanford on iTunes U. 'This course provides an excellent opportunity for us to show the breadth and depth of our curriculum and the innovation of our students.'

For-credit enrollment in the class is limited this quarter, which began two days ago. Students taking the class will also need an Intel Mac and will probably want an iPhone, although Standford offers loaner iPod touch units. The course lasts for ten weeks, so it will just be finishing up as Apple prepares to release the new iPhone 3.0 at WWDC.

The video podcasts will present the same Stanford lectures on developing for the iPhone and iPod touch to the public using Apple's iTunes U within a couple days of the each class meeting, providing easy access to the course materials for iPhone and iPod users as well as desktop Mac and PC users and other devices with the ability to play standard H.264 video.

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