Thursday, April 09, 2009

Computer School for Seniors

I think this is a great development. My mother is a senior and loves her iMac and her cell phone.Computer School for Seniors Launches New Blog That Spotlights Baby Boomers and Seniors: is now the home to a blog featuring commentary and information relevant to Baby Boomers and Seniors. The newly launched blog is testament to the fact that seniors are fully embracing - and actively participating in - the Internet age.

Since launching last April, Computer School for Seniors, a Carrollton, Texas-based online school for seniors, has been developing tools specific to helping seniors learn how to use the computer and the Internet. The senior-focused blog is the latest in a suite of resources.

The Blog will be updated daily by Computer School for Seniors faculty members and will cover topics ranging from computer tips to photography tricks to inspirational thoughts. In addition, the Blog will serve as a forum to feature different seniors - the most recent one being Paul Yowell from Longview, TX who was among the first to enroll in the School last April. 'Without the help of my computer, life would certainly be a boring situation,' says Yowell. 'I had to give up golf and fishing. But I still have my computer to brighten every day. At 83, I'm a 15% computer geek.'

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