Friday, August 17, 2012

Verizon Spending $3.6bn on Cable Spectrum

Verizon's smart, they know where the future is. Building out FIOS may have been a misstep, but building more wireless capacity will position them well.

From Neil McAllister … Verizon wins approval for $3.6bn cable spectrum swap:

Verizon looks to have the green light to acquire around 20MHz of wireless spectrum from a consortium of four of the US's largest cable companies, with two government agencies having voiced approval of the deal, albeit in modified form.

The deal, which would see Verizon spending $3.6bn to acquire spectrum licenses from Bright House Networks, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable, has been opposed by labor unions, public interest groups, and competing companies, who claim it would be anticompetitive and cost jobs.

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