Friday, August 03, 2012

The Shift to IPTV

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Daniel Mickens with some interesting data … IPTV Use on the Rise. It seems that any Internet-connected set top box or mobile device qualifies as IPTV.

A recent Nielson study showed that Internet protocol televisions (IPTV) adoption is growing. Americans spend 35 hours a week viewing content across various screens. However, 94 percent of that viewing time happens on a television set.

IPTVs allow viewers to directly connect to video streamed from the web through their television. As of February 2011, only 4.7 percent of homes had an IPTV. That number has more than doubled to 10.4 percent in February 2012. Expect these numbers to continue to increase as IPTV functionality is built into current and future television models.

"It's not a decline; it is a change in device," said Pat McDonough Nielsen's SVP Insights Analysis and Policy, who's featured in a video associated with the report. "We are still on the Internet when we are watching television but we are using this different device to do it. People are talking about computer use going down. Perhaps the device is changing but the pattern of media consumption is not changing."

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