Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Re-Thinking Millennials

What a bright young woman. Really gives me hope. From Matt Silverman – Are Millennials the Most Distracted or Engaged Generation?:

Plenty has been penned on the time teenagers and young adults “waste” on the Internet. Facebook is often vilified on this account.

And while Internet addiction, bullying and diminishing attention spans are certainly of concern, the empowerment these new channels offer may outweigh the drivel. So argues Adora Svitak, the 14-year-old author, educator and speaker who recently discussed millennials and social media on stage at Mashable Connect in Orlando, Fla.

Svitak made a compelling case for social empowerment among “the generation of eye-rollers,” drawing from recent trends, studies and anecdotes from her own life growing up in the thick of a changing social landscape. Only problem is, adults can have a hard time understanding just how beneficial that engagement can be.

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