Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Grading Your IT Department


Grading my college's IT department on these 5 criteria (on a 0 to 5 scale; with 0 = no expertise and 5 = well versed), I would rank as follows:

  • Project Management = 1
  • Security = 3-4 (it's getting better each semester; incremental improvement)
  • Virtualization/Cloud = 0-1 (just starting to look at this)
  • Network Administration = 4-5 (this is the oldest of the 5 domains, so as you would expect, IT is well versed in network admin)
  • Business Analysis = 0 (this is where there's a real disconnect; I think sometimes our IT department forgets that we are a college, that we deal with faculty and students and that we have the semester timeframes to work around. Also, we make no effort to use the IT data in our decision-making – for example what percentage of our traffic is from mobile devices? What percentage is from devices not owned by the college?)

From Kerry Doyle … Five Must-Have Skills for IT Departments

1. Project Management

2. Security ... A few of the valuable security skills include expertise in identity and access management, threat/vulnerability assessment, encryption, data loss prevention, incident analysis, governance, compliance and auditing, biometrics, and Web content filtering.

3. Virtualization/Cloud

4. Network Administration

5. Business Analysis – IT plays an extremely valuable role in business. As overall data levels rise, business intelligence and data warehousing skills that enable professionals to gather and effectively analyze increasing amounts of data from various streams are also in demand. Moreover, instead of just focusing on cost savings, companies are investing in technology that provides access to, and analysis of, real-time data, enabling better business decisions.

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