Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anti-Wi-Fi Wallpaper


Very cool!

Evan Ackerman … Anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper is the ultimate in network security:

Trust me, all of your neighbors have already figured out that the password to your Wi-Fi network is the name of your cat, and they're busy pirating movies and software and when the MPAA breaks down the door you're the one who's going to a labor camp in Siberia. Don't let this happen to you, install wallpaper that keeps your Wi-Fi contained.

This wallpaper contains special patterns of silver crystals that have been arranged to block certain wireless frequencies, specifically, the frequencies that your Wi-Fi router operates in. When the wallpaper goes on sale in 2013, it'll cost about the same as mid-range traditional wallpaper, and if you don't like the snowflake pattern, you can cover it up with paint or whatever. This particular version doesn't block phone signals, but by altering the silver pattern, it can be tuned to screen out whatever frequencies annoy you most.

via Gizmodo

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