Thursday, March 29, 2012

ZTE Demonstrates 1.7Tbps Optical Network

Over 1,000 miles!

From Mikael Ricknäs … ZTE Demonstrates Next-generation Optical Network at 1.7Tbps:

Chinese vendor ZTE has conducted a field demonstration of optical networking equipment capable of transporting data at 1.7Tbps, the company said on Thursday.

WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing), which is mainly used by operators in their core networks, sends large amounts of data using a number different wavelengths or channels over a single optical fiber.

The distance during ZTE's demonstration was 1,750 kilometers (1,087 miles), and the company used a standard single mode fiber optic cable, it said.

ZTE didn't detail when in expects to see products that can handle 200Gbps per channel. The goal with the demo was to show that an "upgrade from a 100Gbps transmission system to a 200Gbps system is possible," the company said.

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