Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apple Criticism

The Macalope helps out Apple critics with a Mab Lib inspired review … The Macalope Weekly: New iPad highs, new coverage lows:

these pieces are like Mad Libs:

Apple’s new _____ is a modest upgrade that has many who were hoping for more disappointed. Sure, the Apple fanbois will buy it, but Apple has failed to keep up with the state of the _____ market. For example, just the other day at the _____ conference, _____ unveiled a _____ with a _____-inch screen and _____ with _____ that come flying out of the sides and _____ with _____ and _____ the _____ by _____ing the _____ with _____s. And it has a stylus. While it doesn’t get good battery life, Apple will have to respond to this threat as _____ Analysts projects _____ will sell literally dozens of these devices.

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