Sunday, March 11, 2012

QR Codes, Hacking and a Little Social Engineering

From SANS Technology Institute Student TJ O'Connor … An Analysis of Jester's QR Code Attack. (Guest Diary), (Sun, Mar 11th):

This week saw an interesting turn in the US government's battle against the Hacker Group Anonymous. Official court documents and details emerged that finally showed that #sabu was turned by the US government as an informant to arrest and dismantle members from the LulzSec splinter cell. (Bray, 2012) In the last two days, another dramatic turn of events highlighted the demise of the once though invincible hacker group; a group the Director of the NSA said could be capable of hacking the power grid within a year or two. (Liebowitz, 2012)

A lone-wolf patriot hacker, known as Th3J35t3r, claims to have successfully targeted, exploited, and raided personal information from members of Anonymous, LulzSec, and Anti-Sec alongside Islamic Extremists and Al Qaeda, and Rhode Island State Representative Dan Gordon. If you are living in a cave and haven't heard about the Jester, read the SANS whitepaper. (OConnor, 2011) So how did the attack occur? And how can you protect yourself? Lets quickly answer these questions.

The Jester laid the groundwork for his attack over two weeks ago when he changed the ICON for his Twitter account @th3j35t3r.

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