Saturday, March 03, 2012

Windows 8 Metro – Meh


Andrew Orlowski thinks Windows 8 Metro is lots of pain for little gain. I've played with Windows 8 and Metro a bit and I do agree, it's very confusing as a desktop interface – maybe it just takes time to get used to.

The problem isn't Metro, it's the Maoists

Metro is a user interface designed for smartphones, which I have praised generously, and which looks good and works well on small devices. It may yet mature into something equally attractive and useful on iPad-like tablets. But welded onto a non-touch laptop or desktop PC, it represents a huge negative for the majority of Windows users.

The problem isn’t so much Metro, which by itself represents some good thinking about touch device design. It’s Microsoft’s insistence on inserting Metro between us and what we want to do – and at times Metro is spectacularly inappropriate.

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