Saturday, July 02, 2011

What's Wrong With My System Security?

It's probably your web browser plug-ins. Claire Knight reporting for Education Tech News:

If your system is being exploited by holes, here’s the most likely reason:

Out-of-date plug-ins are the biggest security vulnerability, according to a new study conducted by security management company Qualys.

In a new analysis of the company’s BrowserCheck Tool, researchers found that video and general use plug-ins were the most common vulnerability in most of the 420,000 random scans.

Java, the most vulnerable plug-in, was installed on 80% of browsers and half of those were running out-of-date versions of the software.

The breakdown of other offenders include:

  • Adobe Reader, vulnerable on just over 30% of browsers
  • Shockwave and Quick Time, vulnerable on 20-25% of browsers, and
  • Flash video, vulnerable on 20% of browsers.

Best bet: Remind users that those “ready to install” updates aren’t just annoying pop-ups. The patches are designed to make sure software isn’t exploiting your system.

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